We provide a comprehensive database of leading online retailers which we collect, analyze, and update daily for each product (SKU) in the marketplace


Sellematics is a SaaS company focused on one thing and one thing only, providing the best and most comprehensive insights for the world’s leading e-commerce brands. We are one of the fastest growing e-commerce analytics companies in our market and we’ve achieved this by collecting exhaustive amounts of data from leading online retailers which we use to provide detailed analysis and customization to enable our clients and customers unparalleled market understanding across various sectors throughout the e-commerce ecosystem


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Brand and store analytics

Sellematics, based on open data, estimates the turnover and sales volume for each store or brand

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We create a modern world chronicle of ecommerce

For who?

For brands

  • We offer in depth analysis of sales volumes data of competitors brands in the context of any category or period of time
  • We provide daily control of the price of each product separately for distributors with instant notification and updates changes from the set price
  • We enable the ability to quantify the impact of sales and marketing activities across various product sales
  • We ensure leading edge content analysis
  • We prepare detailed and customizable research and reports utilizing our proprietary big data analysis software to meet the exacting needs of our customers and clients
For who?


  • We analyze sales volumes in any category in order to find and evaluate growth opportunities for our customers and clients
  • We provide an assortment matrix and stock management based on our proprietary big data analysis software while enables long term tracking
  • We evaluate the search results of online retailers by key queries and categories
  • We allow for time saving when dealing with customer reviews and questions

Already working with us:

We provide data for all SKUs of the retailer

Prices and sales volumes

Get access to information by price, promotions and sales volumes
  • Control price changes in the market to implement a balanced pricing policy
  • Allowing our customers to stay on top of your competitors' sales volumes
Prices and sales volumes

Ratings and reviews

Track rating and reviews for each product
  • Get instant notifications of negative reviews
  • Track unanswered questions from buyers for each product
Ratings and reviews

Placement in retailers' feeds

Up-to-date information about the position of products in online retailers' feeds
  • Analyze changes in the position of products in the categories and search queries
  • Determine the growth in sales volumes with the growth of the positions of your products
Placement in retailers' feeds


Information on the quality and completeness of product data
  • Analyze content against corporate standards or competitors' products
  • Explore the impact of online retailers' sales or placement

What clients
say about us ?

Data has neverbeen so close
- Melon Fashion Group
The ability to see your brand in comparison with competitors
- Am.Pm

Our Featured Insights

Обзор развития Beauty-индустрии на маркетплейсе Wildberries за 2020 год
Компания Sellematics подготовила аналитический обзор категории Красота на крупнейшем маркетплейсе России Wildberries.
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